Southern Microbial Inspections (SMI)

About Us

Who We Are

SMI is an environmental consulting company specializing in inspection and testing of homes and buildings in relation to water damage, mold growth and Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

What We Do

We use a scientific approach evaluating the history of the site, moisture and humidity measurements, air and surface sampling and visual inspection to determine the extent of mold/moisture impact.

Our Goal

The purpose of our services is to provide an unbiased site assessment to determine the extent of mold/moisture impact and ultimately create a remediation protocol for the cleanup/removal recommendations of mold impacted areas based upon current industry guidance standards

Additional Information

SMI has over a decade of experience in the specialized field of mold assessments.  Our inspectors are certified through the ACAC (formerly the American Indoor Air Quality Council) as Certified Microbial Investigators in addition to holding Mold Assessor Licensing certified through the state of Florida's Department of Business and Professional Regulation. 

Our assessments cover a wide range of conditioned spaces including Recreational Vehicles, Residential Homes, Commercial Buildings, Schools and Medical Buildings.  Microbial Assessments are a specialized service and not necessary in all cases.  Please contact us to receive additional guidance on your specific situation.

The focus of our services is to provide microbial consulting services to assess conditions and formulate remediation recommendations to restore impacted sites to acceptable conditions.  All field samples are analyzed by an independent, third-party laboratory that is accredited through the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) certification program for environmental biology laboratories (EMLAP program).  Recommendations are based upon current industry guidance standards (IICRC S520: Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation as well as OSHA and EPA guidance documents).  We also recommend Post-Remediation Assessment following professional remediation to evaluate work areas prior to removal of containment barriers and document the completion of cleaning activities.

We also offer additional IAQ/environmental investigation services.  Please contact us with any questions in regard to our services or to discuss a bid request.

SMI is located in north Mississippi, just minutes from Memphis, Tennessee, allowing for regional service throughout the mid south, as well as ease of access to the Memphis International Airport for national travel to fulfill Client's needs.

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